Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Josh and I at our Thai friend’s Wedding Dec. 15th, 2008.
Josh & I at our Thai friends' wedding.

With Christmas just around the corner it’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle and the bustle that this season “tends to bring”. I admit, even when I was back in Canada, I would even get caught up in trying to find the perfect gift for family and friends, sometimes that meant going a little bit overboard with spending just to get it. Please don’t get me wrong, giving is a wonderful thing, I certainly enjoy seeing the happy expressions on the faces of your loved ones when the gift exchange is taking place. However for me, I’ve noticed since I’ve been here serving God in Thailand, there has been a significant shifting in my outlook on things. This year I took on the task of sprucing up the ministries front bulletin board for this joyous holiday season. I asked people within and outside the ministry here ‘What does Christmas mean to you?’ I received excellent responses to the question, but this really challenged my thinking of what Christmas really means. Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I love the crunching of the snow beneath your feet, the glowing of the lights that shine off the beautifully decorated houses, watching the snowflakes fall to the ground from inside a cozy home heated by a fireplace, and my most favourite of all, hugging a warm cup of hot chocolate heaped with marshmellows while watching the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree.

Our Thailand Christmas Tree.

Christmas is a wee bit different here in Thailand. To state the obvious, there’s no snow, people in general don’t celebrate Christmas because Buddhism is the main religion here, and Thai’s here think you’re a little bit off your rocker when they see you erect a tree in your house, let alone decorate it. Not forgetting to mention I’m quite the distance from immediate family and have been for the past three Christmas’, though last year Josh did come and visit me here which made Christmas a little bit like what I’m used to, and two years ago my parents came for almost the full month of December, my dad came to teach in the bible college, so Christmas again was nice but yet not really what I am used to. I find myself missing my traditional Canadian Family Christmas, the table decked out with candies, nuts, cakes, and all those yummy things that put the pounds on those hips, having the works for breakfast made by the famous D A D, being with the entire family, exchanging gifts, singing Christmas carols, and acknowledging the birth of our Savior. While being here over the holiday season, I have learnt to appreciate those times but to embrace the change that God has so willingly allowed me to experience, to change my ‘idea’ of Christmas and to allow Him to use me for the benefit of others. In Matthew 10:8 it says “ .. Freely (without pay) you have received, freely (without charge) give.*Amplified Version” I want this to be the anthem for this holiday season and to carry on into the years to come. Josh and I are just everyday people that are determined to live life God’s way! This Christmas Josh and I will be giving out the greatest gift of all, the gift of HOPE! The week of Christmas is packed full of various outreaches that we will be heavily involved in. December 23rd is the Prison Outreach, the missionary staff, bible college students and a missionary team from Canada will be in the prison painting and cleaning cells, wiring in new lights and fans as well as presenting them with a new TV. December 24th is our Candle Light Service. December 25th is the Robinsons Outreach (our local mall), our ONE WAY worship band will be performing along with myself and my mentor girls will be putting on a puppet show for the children. December 26th is the Hospital Outreach, we will be going into the children’s ward to minister to them, they will be engaged in crafts, puppet shows, colouring Christmas colouring books, and having a happy birthday Jesus party etc. Lastly, December 27th we will be at the Detention Center, playing music, preaching, and feeding the inmates. I honestly can’t think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than to tell the story of ONE MAN... whose life brought salvation... whose birth was of a woman... whose conception was of God... whose arrival was well-planned... whose coming was foretold...AND... whose birth would change this world forever! This is by far the greatest gift one could receive for Christmas =).

Josh and I appreciate each and every one of you that have given into our lives and that support us prayerfully and financially. Be blessed this joyful holiday season and keep warm, it’s a little “burr” outside :P.

Blessings, Bekah.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another way to spend your time and money this season..

This movie is something that all of North America needs to see because our culture is at an age, if not then pretty darn close, where money is controlling the people when it should be the other way around. It's sad to see really. Watch this movie...


Monday, November 24, 2008

My Missions Trip in The South Of Thailand

Sriracha Train Station just before we left.

Just recently, I have returned from a Southern Thailand mission’s trip with the rest of the VBCI students.

We left our home base (Sriracha, Chon Buri, Thailand) on the 27th of October by means of train. After 22hrs of a hot and humid train ride we found our destination in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. A local pastor there provided us with a place to stay at his church. The same pastor also led us in our missions during our time there.

Students praying over a woman mourning over the loss of a close relative.

The further South you go in Thailand the more Muslims you will find and the more radical they are too. There is much tension between some Buddhist and Muslim radicals. Over the past several years there has been reported bombings and attacks against each other. The area where we ministered in was safe from any such attacks for the dangerous areas were a few hours south of us. But we still had to exercise caution when we shared the gospel.
We had so many opportunities to minister to the sick, poor, demon possessed, as well as the Buddhist and Muslim people in the area. We also saw a couple of beautiful waterfalls and beaches on our trip. Our first day there we went to visit several sick people in their homes. We prayed as a group over them for healing.

Our first day some of us students played with some kids after a funeral service.

Khao Nan Waterfall. This picture only shows 1 of the 5 levels this water fall has.

Throughout the rest of the trip we had more opportunities to minister to other people. Several times I shared my testimony and spoke to different groups. One day the students were given the responsibility to lead a church service, where we led in worship, shared testimonies, and preached to local churches.

I was sharing my testimony at a local church in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Som on the right was our Thai translator throughout the trip.

As we ministered to others during this trip God was ministering to me. God has been teaching me to be bolder in my walk with Him: to step out of my comfort zone and into His realm spreading His truth to the lost. God will use you if you put your faith into action. I’ve seen this truth through the healings and the many conversions to Christ I have witnessed on this trip. I thank God for opportunities like this, where I can see the true power of God work miracles into reality in everyday life.

He has opened my eyes to the many lost souls of this Asian nation. These people are held captive by lies of false religion and there is such a strong need for more prayer and outreaching in this nation.

One of the most exciting things for me is to see someone become a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. We saw an entire family come to Christ one afternoon after eating at their restaurant. In this pic we are praying for the family.

I have gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be serving God and believe that the great commission in Matthew 28: 19-20 applies to all of us believers in Christ.


Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm so lonesome I could cry...

Josh before he left for The South Trip.

Josh is currently away on his South Trip with the rest of his college mates in 'Nakhon Sri Thammarat'. I'm sure he is witnessing many things and being used mightily by God. I receive phone calls here and there from him but it doesn't help my sleepless nights :( He was telling me during one of our phone conversations that he randomly hopped on an Ox and began riding it, which doesn't at all surprise me the least because 'HEY' it's Josh right! Other amazing things have been happening besides the 'Ox ride' but I want to save the juicy datails for Josh to post! As for me, I'm just trying to make it through these 2 long weeks without my husband by my side, it's a tear-filled 2 weeks to say the least!

Josh’s hiking bag, not everything could fit inside.

As for me, the after school english lessons for the kids have been keeping me completely occupied! We teach Tuesday - Friday evenings from 4:30-5:30pm, we have been having a pretty good turn out so far too. Currently in class we are learning about 'All About Me', the kids are involved in on hands-on, highly interactive, projects-based instructions, through this they are strengthening their English spoken communication and values. Also, Kelly (a missionary in the English Outreach Center) and I volunteer ourselves in the government schools. We are currently assisting a grade 10 high school class in Business, we help with their spoken english and pronunciation. Next week we will be starting at another government school teaching preschoolers. Needless to say, there is plenty to do here, and if you're thinking of becoming a missionary, keep the 'English Center Outreach' in mind, we are always looking for more help to further expand God's Kingdom :)

It's almost time for Josh's visa run to Cambodia! (A visa is what allows you to stay in the country.) Josh has a 1 year multiple re-entry visa which means he has to leave the country every 3 months and then re-enter. We will set out on November 9th or 10th, so please pray for us to have a safe trip there and a safe trip back without any complications as this is our first time going!Josh and I both miss everyone back at home very much and we can't wait to see your smiling faces once we're back in Canada, you are all such a joy and blessing in our lives! Thanks so much for your financial support and prayers!

Blessings, Bekah.

Me starting to miss my Joshua already!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Young Explorers English Camp.

Here's a quick up-date!

English camp started October 6th and ended on the 17th; it was a SMASHING success! We had 24 kids attend our camp program, ages ranging from 4-12! A day in the English Camp consisted of... singing in the morning, center activities following which were: a water center, sand center, play dough center, paint center, etc. The english lesson followed the center time which then rolled into our yummy lunch time!

Teaching the daily English lesson to the kids.

Soon after lunch we had quiet/rest time, this is when we'd watch an english movie. We would then have some more fun at the centers once quiet/rest time was over.

Jasmine(back) and Kaopann(front) playing at the ‘Sand Center’.

Snack time was just shortly after. The activity that was next in the line-up was Bible Story Time, we would read a bible story or watch a bible story that of which got translated into Thai (we wanted the kids to fully understand the things about God in their own language so they can then tell others about Jesus), and then right after that we'd head right over to our 'Bible Time Machine'. This was a big hit! We would have a key bible character (eg. Adam) from the story we just read, time warped to that very day. The kids would interact with the key character and learn an important moral lesson. One day we had Josh act as Adam, he made the character so real that the kids would still identify him as Adam once the 'Bible Time Machine' had finished, we would get a good chuckle everytime a kid called him Adam.

Josh as ‘Adam’.

Craft Time followed which went along with the english lesson of the day, this would then bring our day to a close. We really enjoy putting on an English Camp, it gives us great joy teaching the kids about Jesus and developing lasting relationships with them, we look forward to the next one!

Boon(left), Mimi(center), and Poh(right) smiling for the camera on “Water Day”.

Bless you,
Bekah =)

We have a Blog!

Hey everyone!

Josh and I thought we should start a blog to keep everyone up-to-date on what's happening in Thailand. We will still continue with our monthly updates, but if you want something more "up to the minute" please remain posted to our bog.

Thank You & God Bless,

Josh and Bekah.